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Revenge of the Apocalypse - Signed Paperback

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Duck & Cover Adventures Book 4
Revenge of the Apocalypse

Get this great paperback version signed by Benjamin Wallace. 


There’s an empire to topple, a tyrant to kill and revenge to be had.

They’ve taken everything from him. Now Jerry and Chewy are headed to Niagara Falls to take out the wasteland’s greatest villain once and for all. But the Librarian isn’t the only one looking for revenge.

Several other post-apocalyptic nomadic warriors have experienced Invcitus’ horrors first-hand and are in town to find vengeance.

The Bookkeepers have lived under the tyrant’s iron fist for far too long. They’re well informed, organized and ready to strike.

Mr. Christopher is heading back to town with one less hand and a whole new reason to kill The Librarian.

Coy has been beaten, battered and forced to eat his friend as bacon. And, now he’s looking to settle the score.

But, Invictus didn’t get to the top of the post-apocalyptic pecking order by being easy to kill.

Catch all the revenge, retribution and comeuppance the wasteland has to offer in Revenge of the Apocalypse, book 4 in the Duck & Cover Adventures.

It’s the end of the world as you've never known it.

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